Saturday, September 28, 2013

the handsome one

writing this weekend, trying not to think about the time we are missing EOTE.  I got a note from friends that it was a "beach day" on the enchanted Oscoda shores; and while fighting a miserable cold/allergy/combo/whateverisgoingon, I would rather be there.

so hoping to fight off whatever is filling up my nose and head, I slept intermittently and enjoyed the company of our velcro dog. 

seriously, this dog is like velcro.  never leaves our side. 

the is the blue ball.  there are all kinds of funniness around the blue ball.  but this is a G rated blog so I won't mention anything.  and it smells like blueberries.  pretty sweet.




he loves to roll around on his back.


loving here.  wishing that I was there.


happy weekend, wherever you are! 

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