Monday, December 23, 2013

how quickly things change

it was Saturday and I spent the day relaxing.  first day of Christmas break.  did some laundry.  did some grocery shopping.  started to read.  had a wonderful dinner.  watched the winter weather start.

planned Sunday - Christmas cards, the last of the decorations, football, a great fire in the fireplace, a pot of lentil soup.

then the ice came.

and the power went.  and stayed gone.  so we redeployed to warmer environs with electricity.

Mr. Handsome adapted perfectly.

while I realize that Consumer's Power is working to restore power to so many of us, their communication has been horrific.  last night, they reported our power restored at 7:50 pm; then they couldn't find my address on their site; now, they have no estimated restoration time.

Bleh.  but we are grateful to be together and warm, safe, and connected.  hopefully we will be home soon.

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