Sunday, December 15, 2013

Ford and Christmas and gender

we bought a new car.  how's that for exciting?

we (that's the royal we) bought a Ford.  a hybrid.  and love it.  it's the first "American" car I have owned in a very long time (there were a few years in a Jeep) but mostly it's been European engineering in this house.  we needed to replace the car and went with Ford.  ironically, let me point out that my foreign automobile was made in the US and the Ford was made in Mexico.  but whatever.

the spousal unit is ecstatic with the car. and I was too until ... the commercials.

Brief recap.  

- first commercial with a young girl working in fashion - cute clothes, excellent purse - who will send Santa swatches for the right color car/interior.  cute.

- second commercial with a young girl who wants a larger car and rushes off to yoga.

- third commercial with a young boy who wants an F 150.


I see these and my blood boils a little bit.  why?  because.  because I want to see a little girl in flannel and farm boots asking for a pick up truck to haul her dogs or pigs or cow feed.  Or needing an F 150 to haul her hockey gear and horses.

I want to see a little boy who needs a small car to deliver flowers and handle wedding details.   or is a stay-at-home brother running kids around.

I want to stop seeing gender stereotypes. THIS IS 2013.  women run companies and countries as well as households.


Ford, you make a great car.  Now, make a better commercial.  

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