Sunday, December 08, 2013


it's a cold and miserable in these parts.  and it's only December.  

but we had a good weekend with lots of fires in the fireplace, good books, excellent TED talks, and of course, some really good wine. 

oh, and food.  Paul made Tenderloin Deluxe.  it was divine. 


we put up some Christmas decorations.  we are minimalists.  it suits us.


Mr. Handsome has enjoyed his weekend.  I love how he loves life.  he sets a fine example. 


he naps a lot.

we should all nap more.  :)  it's December.  it's 2013.  that's crazy.  CRAZY.  where does our time go?    the snow is starting to fall, football on TV, and a wonderful roast in the crockpot.   Enjoy what's left of the weekend. 

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