Sunday, December 01, 2013

the long weekend

We have been EOTE since Wednesday.  We had a leisurely drive east, then north, then east, then lastly north.   The weather could not have been more perfect - blue skies, bright sunshine.  We never know what the weather will be like in these parts.  Last year it was 60 degrees and we were grilling; some years, we had eight inches of snow.

Since arriving, we have had it all - rain, sleet, snow; then sunshine, blue skies, cloudy skies, then clear skies.  Now it's just raining.  We did have some sun.



I am not a fan of seeing the leaves through the snow.  But the eagle came.  Makes up for everything.



Snapped this picture with my point & shoot and it might be my favorite picture to date.  I love the color.

Lake Huron with snow.

We've had a marvelous time.  Celebrated a birthday.  Started new Thanksgiving traditions.  I did two things that I have NEVER done before.

Ate out on Thanksgiving Day.
Played Candy Crush.

Eating out on Thanksgiving might just be the best idea EVER and it may be our new tradition.  Don opened his restaurant in Harrisville for just 5 hours.  He had 60+ reservations and for good reason.  The feast was magnificent.  What a wonderful way to spend the afternoon.

Candy Crush is a weird game with a creepy voice making peculiar comments like, "Tasty" and "Sugar Crush."   I think I will stick with Plants vs Zombies.

We are starting to pack things up and say farewell to our 2013 EOTE season. April will be here before we know it.  And I am counting on it to get me through the winter months.

Happy Thanksgiving from Oscoda!

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