Sunday, February 09, 2014


I traveled to New Orleans for work.  Instead of warm weather, we had an ice storm.  Just my kind of luck, I guess.  But we had a great time, complete with long delays and no plane home.  So we drove.  And had a blast.

While I would have preferred my camera, I took along the point-and-shoot and was able to grab a few pics.

I brought some coffee home for us.  I love the canister as much as what's in it.

Hard to believe that we owned a home there, pre-Katrina.

Samson continues to heal well.  His ear looks fantastic.

If I sit on the floor with him long enough, he will yawn.  And then I yawn too.

I am yawning just typing this.

It continues to snow and snow and snow.

when I close my eyes, I see sun and clouds and Lake Huron.  Soon.


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