Friday, June 27, 2014

take the picture

Since the tree fell down, we have been busy.  We need to replace the driveway, we had a wedding, and we have this eagle who continues to grace us with his presence.

My friend Julia and I took a Saturday and scoped out the wedding site on Lake Michigan. It was amazing.



and yeah, I have pictures of the wedding but I won't post them until the bride sees them first.

My friend, Amy, named our resident eagle Goliath.  It works.



so so so stunning.  Stunning.

Then, out of nowhere, this young whippersnapper shows up.  Sitting on Goliath's limb. Elbowing in on his territory. him bathed in the early morning light.



this one cracks me up - balancing on one leg.


I love this place.  It has always and still feels like home.  The best home I have ever had.  Cheers to the weekend!

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