Monday, June 16, 2014


last Sunday, we were enjoying a quiet dinner and we both felt the earth move.  Under our feet.  We were used to years of earthquakes.  Then it dawned on me, well I am not in California anymore.

This came down in our driveway.



Took up the entire street.


The police came and blocked off the street. We were quite the hit for the evening.

A couple of the guys from public works wanted to wood, so they came after work on Monday, cut it up, and hauled it off.  I love small town living.

Miracle of miracles, the tree didn't hit a single person, car, or animal.  And with such a gorgeous night, everyone was out.  Whew.  It cracked our driveway.  At least we might get a new driveway out of the deal.  :)

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